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Academies of Fencing in Baltimore

1120 N Rolling Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228

410-744-3362 - voice

Office Hours6pm - 9pm Mon-Th
Contact 1Michael T. Oles
PurposeThe aim of Salle Palasz is to produce top-quality, competitive fencers. This is accomplished by giving novices a solid foundation in fencing rules and technique; providing modern international-style instruction for the more advanced; holding periodic workshops in officiating, weapon repair, coaching methods; and by including a love for fencing and a respect for its traditions. Salle members compete in local, regional and national events of the US Fencing Association; Salle Palasz is the Baltimore link in the chain of top East Coast clubs; and unlike some other clubs, Salle Palasz fences in all three weapons-foil, epee and sabre. Salle Palasz welcomes men and women fencers any night we are open. We have various membership levels to allow casual or competitive fencers to participate, Lessons and bouting are available in all 3 weapons. Beginner classes are held on Thursday night.
ServiceOlympic fencing instruction, training, competition
Area ServedServes Maryland, the District of Columbia, southern Pennsylvania, and northern Virginia.
Last Updated18 July 2023