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Carroll County Circuit Court Email
55 N. Court Street
Westminster, MD 21157-5155

410-386-8710 - voice
410-386-8734 - fax

Office HoursM-F 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. except state holidays
Contact 1Heather S. DeWees
Clerk of the Circuit Court for Carroll County, Maryland
410-386-8715 - voice
410-386-8734- fax
Contact 2Kaitlyn McCarroll
Jury Commissioner
410-386-2093 - voice
PurposeTo provide a State trial court of unlimited jurisdiction that handles family, juvenile, criminal, and civil cases, and appeals from the District Court and certain administrative agencies. Trials can be by Circuit Court Judge or Jury.
ServiceJudges of the Carroll County Circuit Court are Fred S. Hecker (2014-, Maria L. Oesterreicher (2018-) Richard R. Titus (2019-), and Brian L. DeLeonardo (2021-). Judges for the Fifth Judicial Circuit are elected by the voters of the county for a 15-year term. Circuit Court has the authority to conduct jury trials. CIRCUIT COURT CONTACT NUMBERS: JURY COMMISSIONER 410-386-2093 CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT 410-386-8715 BAILIFF'S OFFICE 410-386-2654 HISTORIC COURTHOUSE 410-386-2641 COURTHOUSE ANNEX 410-386-2654 CIVIL RECORDS 410-386-8720 CRIMINAL RECORDS 410-386-8710 LAND RECORDS AND LICENSING 410-386-8760
Area ServedServes Carroll County.
Last Updated29 December 2023