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Cardiopulmonary Rehab Email
Carroll Hospital

200 Memorial Avenue
Westminster, MD 21157-5726

410-848-3000 - voice

Contact 1Cardiac Rehabilitation
410-871-6741 - voice
Contact 2Pulmonary Rehab
410-871-6333 - voice
PurposeTo improve patients' physical strength and endurance, as well as their quality of life, after suffering a cardiac event such as: heart attack, heart valve replacement/repair, open heart surgery/bypass, stent placement/angioplasty, heart transplant, angina or congestive heart failure (CHF).
ServiceCardiac Rehab sessions are tailored to the individual's physical capabilities for exercise. During the twelve-week period of cardiac rehab, educational programs are provided to increase the participants' knowledge of their cardiovascular disease. These classes address cardiac risk factor reduction, stress reduction and coping, medications and smoking cessation. A registered dietitian provides a class focusing on heart healthy eating.
EligibilityPhysician referral is required.
Area ServedServes Carroll County and surrounding area.
SubjectsHeart, Nutrition, Rehabilitation, Smoking, Stress, Support Groups
Last Updated21 March 2023