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Living Healthy, Living Well - with Chronic Conditions, a Self-Management Program Email
Carroll County Bureau of Aging and Disabilities

125 Stoner Avenue
Westminster, MD 21157

10 Distillery Drive, Ste. 101
Westminster, MD 21157

410-386-3818 - voice
410-876-5255 - fax

Office Hours8am - 4:30pm
Contact 1Leslie Wagner
Project Coordinator
410-386-3818 - voice
410-876-5255- fax
PurposeThe primary goal of the program is to enable participants to build self-confidence and take an active role in maintaining their health and managing their chronic health conditions.
Service Living Healthy, Living Well is an Evidence-Based Self-Management program originally developed at Stanford University, and licensed through the Maryland Living Well Center of Excellence. These are workshops taught in 2 ½ hour sessions, once a week, for six weeks. Workshops are led by two trained lay leaders and are held in community settings such as community centers, senior centers, recreation centers, churches, libraries, clinics and hospitals, in groups of 10-16 individuals. Carroll County's Living Healthy, Living Well Program is licensed to deliver Chronic Disease Self-Management, Diabetes Self-Management, and Chronic Pain Self-Management, and train lay leaders to lead their own programs. Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions or Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain books are provided at no cost for each participant to use as a resource throughout the workshop (voluntary donations are accepted). Alternatively, individuals can receive a mailed 6-week, self-paced at home self-management Tool Kit for any of the programs offered (Chronic Disease, Diabetes or Chronic Pain), and take part in a weekly one-hour small group (2-3) conference call with a trained leader. Outcomes of these self-management programs include, improved health literacy, patient activation for self-management, increased physical activity, and improvement in: depression, unhealthy physical days, medication compliance, better health outcomes (reduced fatigue, pain, shortness of breath, stress, and sleep problems), fewer sick days, and reduced Emergency Department and hospitalization. Assumptions that underlie the program are that people with chronic conditions have similar concerns and problems, and they must deal not only with their disease, but also the impact these have on their lives and emotions. The programs were developed for people with chronic health problems and their significant others (spouses, close friends, close relatives) or for family caregivers of people with memory loss. Two trained leaders facilitate workshops. Besides condition-specific information, all workshops have some common elements. These include: action-planning, decision-making, and problem-solving. All workshops are designed to be self-tailoring. This means that different participants will be working on different behavior changes and problems, depending on their own needs and preferences. Workshops are highly participative, where mutual support and success build the participants' confidence in their ability to manage their health and maintain active and fulfilling lives. These programs will not conflict with existing programs or treatments, as they are designed to enhance regular treatment and disease-specific education. *Workshops are currently being held virtually. For more information, call 410-386-3818 or email Or visit the Living Healthy, Living Well website
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Last Updated25 March 2021