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Institute for Family Centered Services
427 E. Patrick Street
Suite B
Frederick, MD 21701-6092

301-696-0727 - voice

Contact 1Victoria E. Sterling, LCSW-C
South Mountain Regional Director
301-696-0726 (office) - voice
PurposeTo engage families in a process that puts them in charge of their lives.
ServiceOffers Family Centered Treatment® (FCT) delivered in the family's home, school, and community. Also offers a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP). Treatment focuses on areas of family functioning, problem solving, communication, role performance, and behavior control, supervised by a licensed mental health professional. On-call crisis support, intervention, and stabilization services offered 24/7. Professional, qualified, and certified staff with an average of more than six years of in-home experience. Engages families that are typically resistant to treatment with 90 to 96 percent engagement rates. Spends time with families, coaching them in structured practice sessions so families can experience interacting differently, and the positive outcomes associated with coaching. Works toward value change, creating ownership for the changes the family has made. Assists the family to generalize their learned problem-solving process to assist with future challenges.
EligibilityFCT® funds include contracts, purchase of service, flex funding options, and community grants; eligibility determined by funding source. PRP requirements include medical assistance, current DSM diagnosis, and client in individual therapy at least twice per month. Services include home and office visits. Referrals made by any licensed mental health professional. 1915 Waiver Crisis and Stabilization Services determined and referred by Maryland Choices and Value Options, and included in Plan of Care.
Ages ServedMental health services for all ages. Serves youth at imminent risk of detainment, out of home placement or returning from placement; experienced trauma, violence, and abuse/neglect; adjudicated with serious offenses, and at risk of substance abuse.
SubjectsAnger Management, Drug Abuse, Family Counseling, Mental Health - Outpatient, Personal Counseling
Last Updated21 April 2016