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Uniontown Bible Church Facebook Email
4272 Watson Lane
Union Bridge, MD 21791

410-775-1345 - voice
410-775-1347 - fax

Events Calendar Address - https://utown.org/events

Office Hours8:00-4:00pm
Contact 1Dana Weaver
Operations Manager
410-775-1345 - voice
Contact 2Mark Anderes
Executive Pastor
410-775-1345 - voice
Purpose We are a church that wants to LOVE OTHERS BEST We are always looking for ways to serve our community, not to manipulate them into attending our church, but to demonstrate to them what it means to be loved unconditionally. After all, that's the love God made available to us through Jesus Christ.
ServiceOur Sunday service times are 9:15 and 11 am. Learn more about Sunday classes for Uniontown Kids, UBCYM teens, and eachONE special needs at utown.org.
SubjectsAlcoholism, Children - Activities/Entertainment, Churches - Bible, Drug Abuse, Youth Organizations
Last Updated22 November 2022