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Notaries Public — Hampstead/Manchester Area

PurposeTo provide notary services.
ServiceThe following are notaries in this area: CHRISTY COLLINS, Hampstead Town Office, 1034 S. Carroll Street, 410-374-2761; HEATHER HAROM and LISA CERNY, BB&T Bank, Hampstead Branch, 999 S. Main Street, 410-374-9005; KELLY GREEN, JOANNA LINDSTEDT, and TERRY ADAMS, BB&T Bank, Manchester Branch, 3200 Main Street, 410-374-1703; JULIE ATWELL, JASON DUVALL, DEBORAH LANG, and DAVID MILLER, M&T Bank, 1200 N. Main Street, Hampstead, 443-507-5800; JENNIFER MARSHALL, KEVIN PRICE, and CALVIN R. SEITZ, State Farm Insurance, 1421 N. Main Street, Hampstead, 410-239-8800 or 410-374-4800; ANITA RITTER and CYNTHIA LAMIRANDE, New Windsor Bank, Hampstead-North Carroll Branch, 2305 Hanover Pike, Hampstead, 410-861-2400; and JON PAGE and PAM DODSON, PNC Bank, 2325 Hanover Pike, Hampstead, 410-374-1325. Banks and real estate offices usually have a notary available.
SubjectsNotaries Public
Last Updated28 November 2016